At Bendish Reporting we believe that every proceeding demands the best in quality and services.  Whether your case is large and complex or small and straightforward, we provide a range of services and support designed to meet your needs.

Experienced Certified Reporters

Our staff of court reporters are highly experienced professionals that have all achieved certifications at the state (CCR) and national (RPR) level.  In maintaining these credentials, they must continually develop their reporting skills as well as their knowledge of legal proceedings and technological advances in the profession.  We are delighted to also include reporters on our staff that have attained advanced certifications such as Registered Merit Reporter (RMR) and Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR).

Realtime Reporting – Interactive & Videoteleconferencing

Realtime reporting combines the advanced expertise of the reporter with the latest in technology resulting in an instantaneous translation of the spoken word.  Participants at the proceeding, and even remote participants with an internet connection, can receive the live feed from the reporter directly on their laptop or PC.  Specialized software also allows the participant to dynamically scroll, search and annotate the testimony in realtime, adding a powerful dimension to questioning a witness, as well as leaving the proceeding with a fully summarized transcript.  Our reporters can also provide a “rough draft” transcript at the conclusion for additional review while we prepare the final certified transcript.

Complete Video Services

Bendish Reporting offers a complete range of video services designed to capture more than just the spoken word.  Our professional videographers have extensive experience in providing:

  • High quality video depositions for playback at trial or other proceedings.
  • Digitally formatted video synchronized with the transcript for instant search and playback on a PC.
  • “Day-In-The-Life” Video
  • Video teleconferencing of live depositions to remote participants

Reliable Delivery via Electronic and Printed Package

At Bendish Reporting our reporters and operations staff work as closely on delivering your transcript as they do on scheduling your proceeding.  We offer realtime draft copies as quickly as needed, certified daily copy (next day), expedited copy (5 business days) and our standard delivery (8-10 business days).

And not only can you count on reliable delivery of your hard copy, but transcripts will be delivered electronically by email upon request, and on CD with your printed copy.  Our electronically delivered PDF transcript package includes:

  • Condensed format with word index.
  • Full size transcript (if requested).
  • Format optimized for viewing and searching on a computer.
  • ASCII file for use in litigation support software or word processor.
  • Scanned exhibits attached and linked to transcript text (upon request).

Online Scheduling & Worldwide Reporting

Whether your next proceeding is across the street, across the country or anywhere in the world, Bendish Reporting offers the most efficient online scheduling through our website with instant return confirmation.  At Bendish Reporting, we take the guesswork and headaches out of scheduling your next deposition while insuring the quality and service you have come to expect.

Litigation Support Services

From interpreters to document scanning and coding to trial presentation services, Bendish Reporting has developed outstanding relationships with leading service providers to assist you with the particular needs of your case.  Our years of experience tells us that “jacks of all trades… are masters of none.”  We consider ourselves “masters of the art of court reporting” with excellent affiliations with “masters of their own respective fields.”  We would be delighted to assist you in selecting the right “masters” to fit your needs.

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